What to Expect After AirSculpt Liposuction

If you’re considering getting an airsculpt lipo procedure, you’ll be wondering what to expect afterward. Aside from the typical recovery time, you’ll also want to consider the cost, complications, and financing options. These are all questions you may have, and we’re here to help. After all, your plastic surgeon will be able to answer them all! Listed below are the major factors you need to keep in mind before scheduling your surgery.

Recovery time

The recovery time for AirSculpt is similar to that of other procedures for liposuction. However, the procedure is different in that the cannula, which is the key part of this cosmetic procedure, corkscrews back like a jackhammer into wood. It then sucks up breadcrumb-sized fat cells. While this procedure does not result in a general anesthetic or suture marks, you may still have a small scar, and you should be prepared for that.

The recovery time for liposuction depends on the type of procedure performed, as well as the surgeon’s experience. Generally, a patient should expect two to three days of recovery. Despite this short downtime, the results of this procedure are stunning. Recovery time for Airsculpt lipo is usually only two to three days. You can return to your daily routine within a couple of days, and the final result will be visible in two weeks.


The cost of AirSculpt liposuction depends on several factors. The initial consultation can be expensive, and a large portion of the price depends on the amount of fat that is being removed. Large fat deposits will take longer to remove than smaller ones, so your final bill will be higher. However, the fat harvested during the procedure is still usable for the patient to transfer. Therefore, the cost of AirSculpt liposuction varies from patient to patient, and you should always discuss your budget and medical goals with your doctor to get a realistic estimate of what to expect.

The cost of AirSculpt liposuction can range from about $2500 to over $15,000, depending on how many areas you want treated. The procedure is generally performed while you are awake and will leave no scarring or stitches. The average cost for AirSculpt liposuction is over $10,600. The additional costs of the procedure include the transfer of fat from the buttocks. Some doctors also offer combined treatments that combine liposuction with fat transfer.


After the initial numbing agent wears off, some patients have reported some pain and swelling after AirSculpt. However, Elite Body Sculpture reports that most patients tolerate the procedure well. Patients may need to take painkillers until the tissue is fully recovered. Recovery time varies, depending on the complexity of the procedure, the provider, and the patient’s body. Patients should be aware that recovery may take several days or a lunch hour.

The amount of downtime after the procedure depends on the size of the area being treated. Patients can return to work in two to four days after the procedure. Significant results can be seen within 30 days. Patients can have AirSculpt performed regardless of their weight category, including obese individuals. Unlike other procedures, patients stay awake throughout the procedure. The procedure does not require general anesthesia, so they won’t experience the same pain or discomfort that a general anesthetic may cause.


There are many benefits to AirSculpt (r) technology, which promises superior results without general anesthesia and minimal downtime. This procedure uses a laser to melt fat and tighten skin, and patients can return to their normal routines in as little as two days. Because the procedure is performed by highly-trained surgeons, patients are able to feel very little discomfort during the procedure, and the results are permanent.

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