How Much Does AirSculpt Fat Transfer Cost?

If you are interested in getting rid of excess fat, you may be wondering how much does AirSculpt fat transfer cost. The patented procedure was developed by Aaron Rollins, M.D., who has performed it over 25,000 times at his Beverly Hills clinic. The procedure requires a large financial commitment. However, the procedure does have a number of benefits, including a more youthful appearance. Here are some things you should know about AirSculpt prices.


If you’re interested in liposuction, you may be wondering how much AirSculpt will cost you. This procedure consists of corkscrewing a cannula back and forth to suck up fat cells. Unlike liposuction, there is no inflammation or scraping involved. Instead, a proprietary cannula sucks out the fat cells.

Dr. Aaron Rollins of Beverly Hills offers the AirSculpt procedure, which starts at $5,000 for a single area. This technique promises to remove fat permanently without the need for needles or stitches. The procedure is a great alternative to more invasive procedures, including chemical peels and Botox. And patients can return to work within 48 hours. Depending on the size of the area and the number of areas treated, the procedure is not painful and requires minimal recovery.


The first step in determining the total CoolSculpting cost is a consultation. During this appointment, your provider will examine your body, take measurements, and mark areas for the procedure. After the consultation, your provider will determine how many treatments are necessary to reach the desired results. While the procedure is affordable for most people, not everyone is a good candidate for this treatment. It is important to know if you are a candidate for this treatment before scheduling an appointment.

Depending on your budget and desired outcome, you can choose a doctor who is certified in CoolSculpting. A board-certified provider will likely charge more than an aesthetician or medical assistant. Some CoolSculpting providers offer interest-free payment plans. Additionally, the more areas you choose to be treated, the higher the CoolSculpting cost. The full results of CoolSculpting take between four and six months to show. While many people are satisfied with one treatment, others need multiple sessions to get the desired results.


If you’ve always wanted a slimmer, more attractive body, you’ve probably wondered how much an AirSculpt procedure costs. Developed by Dr. Aaron Rollins, the patented procedure has been performed more than 25,000 times at his Beverly Hills clinic. Despite the price tag, you can expect to see noticeable results in just one treatment. Plus, there’s no general anesthesia required! And you’ll be back at work 48 hours after the procedure!

Compared to liposuction, the AirSculpt procedure is more expensive, but it’s actually a safer procedure. The physician will use a tiny instrument known as a cannula to inject air into the fat, while taking extra care not to disturb other tissues. Your physician will also take great care not to damage blood vessels, capillaries, or lymphatics during the procedure. By using the newest technology, the procedure won’t cause any major damage to your body, which makes it safer for everyone.

Pulsatile cannula

The cost of AirSculpt is dependent upon the number of areas you’d like to target and the area you wish to sculpt. Once you’ve determined the total cost, you’ll change into a surgical gown. After the surgeon marks your desired areas, he or she will administer a prescription medication or nitrous oxide to make you as comfortable as possible. A needle-free jet injector will then numb the area. The resulting injections will resemble a natural breast augmentation procedure.

The procedure is far less invasive than traditional liposuction and can be performed in the office or on a remote location. The air-powered cannula corkscrews back like a jackhammer drilling into wood. The cannula then sucks the fat cells out with minimal discomfort. Unlike traditional liposuction, there is no need for a general anesthesia for this procedure. In addition, because this procedure does not involve the use of needles, you will remain awake during the procedure.

Recovery time

The cost of an AirSculpt procedure varies based on the number of areas treated and the size of the area. After deciding on the number of areas to be treated, you will change into a surgical gown. Your surgeon will mark these areas and provide you with prescription pain medication or nitrous oxide to make you more comfortable. A needle-free jet injector will be used to numb the area. After the numbing solution wears off, you can resume your normal activities after the procedure.

After the procedure, the fat cells will be reinserted in specific areas. These reinserted fat cells can rejuvenate the area and adjust the size of the treatment area. You can also store fat cells at the Dr Lanzer Clinic for later use. Recovery time for airsculpt fat transfer

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