How Much Does AirSculpt Breast Augmentation Cost?

Before choosing an airsculpt procedure, you should first consider the downtime, recovery time, and cost of this surgical treatment. Larger amounts of fat will need to be removed for this procedure, so the fee will be higher than smaller portions. Even so, the fat harvested during this procedure is still viable for use in a future procedure. In this way, your surgeon can give you the look you want without increasing your overall costs. In addition, if you’re interested in breast enhancement, you should find a surgeon who specializes in this technique.


In the Beverly Hills area, dissatisfaction with the shape of your breasts is a common concern for women. Weight loss, pregnancy, and aging can all contribute to the dissatisfaction, but it can also be genetic. Breast augmentation is a viable solution for women who are unhappy with their current shape. But how much does it cost? Read on to learn more. Procedure cost of airsculpt breast augmentation
The procedure cost of AirSculpt is based on how many areas are targeted for enhancement and how large those areas are. After assessing your medical history, your plastic surgeon will prepare you for the procedure by marking the area to be treated with fat. The doctor may also administer nitrous oxide or other prescription medications to make you more comfortable. A needle-free jet injector will then be used to numb the area.


Downtime for an AirSculpt breast augmentation procedure depends on how much of the targeted areas are being treated and the overall size of the patient’s boobs. After you’ve decided on the right procedure, you’ll change into a surgical gown, be given a prescription pain medication, or nitrous oxide, and numb the area using a needle-free jet injector. Afterward, you’ll return home and experience minimal pain and swelling.

Recovery time

The length of the recovery period for AirSculpt breast augmentation surgery will depend on the area(s) treated and the complexity of the procedure. Most patients can expect to be out of work for about one to two weeks following surgery. Patients may resume driving after two weeks. They should refrain from exercise for four to six weeks, although gentle pilates is OK after the procedure. During the recovery period, patients should avoid strenuous activities, including sexual intercourse, for at least a month.
After undergoing the surgery, the patient should expect to have some swelling and bruising. This is normal after any surgery, but some patients experience bruising and minor burns from the heat. While the results of airsculpt breast augmentation should be long-lasting, it is important to stay at a stable weight so the fat cells do not expand after the procedure. Excessive fat cells can lead to weight gain and irregular contours. Although Airsculpt breast augmentation is considered safe, it can cause complications if performed by an inexperienced provider.


AirSculpt costs vary depending on the size and number of areas targeted for augmentation. The procedure requires a significant financial commitment. A board-certified plastic surgeon performs the procedure in his Beverly Hills clinic. The procedure is not without risks. It is also similar to traditional liposuction in its side effects. Regardless of its risks, the procedure can be a great option for many women who want a bigger bust.
This procedure can leave patients with minimal downtime after the procedure. Patients will generally be able to return to work after 24 hours and see results within 30 days. Patients do not have to lose any weight in order to undergo this procedure. This method also does not require general anesthesia. In addition, patients will remain awake throughout the procedure. Instead of using general anesthesia, the surgeon inserts small, non-toxic cannulas into the fatty tissue.

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