How Much Does AirSculpt Florida Cost?

If you are looking for an affordable cosmetic surgery, you will want to know how much AirSculpt Florida cost. This article will provide you with an overview of the process, prices, and how to pay for your treatment. You will also find out what your insurance coverage is for this procedure, and how long it takes to recover. Read on to learn more! Regardless of the cost, this procedure is well worth the investment and the results you will see.


AirSculpt, a Miami Beach, Florida-based medical aesthetics company, provides body contouring procedures that remove fat from the body. Last year, it filed to sell as many as 10 million shares at $15 to $17 apiece. The company plans to list on the Nasdaq under the ticker AIRS. The IPO is expected to occur in the week of October 25. AirSculpt Florida prices are likely to go up in the coming months, but this will depend on demand and pricing.

Although AirSculpt treatments are not covered by insurance, most providers offer a convenient payment plan. Payment plans range from 24 to 60 months, and some providers do not charge interest on full payments within six to 12 months. You should also check if the provider offers promotional discounts for new patients. While the procedure does have similar side effects to traditional liposuction, it’s not a great idea to skip out on this treatment if your budget is limited.


While procedures for AirSculpt in Florida may cost more than liposuction, these are safe procedures. In fact, they require fewer stitches and do not leave any scarring. Recovery time is quick, while liposuction takes six months. In addition to reducing the chances of infection, practitioners stress the importance of proper diet, exercise and sleep. There are several reasons to consider this procedure. Here are a few of them.

One of the best reasons to undergo AirSculpt is its unique, custom body contouring method. With minimal pain and little to no bruising, this procedure provides results unlike any other. The procedure is a bit similar to liposuction, but it uses a smaller tool. Patients will be given an oral sedative prior to the procedure to help them relax. The procedure can take as little as half an hour and has minimal side effects.

Insurance coverage

The costs of AirSculpt treatments vary widely depending on the areas to be treated and the size of those areas. The treatment is generally performed under local anesthesia and does not require immediate attention. However, because it is an elective surgery, insurance companies do not usually cover this cost. To reduce the cost, patients should work with their providers to find payment plans that suit their budget. Many providers offer a 0% interest payment plan with a 24 to 60-month payment period.

While the procedure is more expensive than liposuction, the safety of the procedure is outstanding. The physician who performs the procedure uses a tiny instrument called a cannula to ensure that no other tissue is disturbed. They are careful not to disturb capillaries, blood vessels, or lymphatic tissues during the procedure. This way, the doctor can achieve the desired results with minimal damage. This makes AirSculpt very safe to undergo.

Recovery time

The amount of fat removed during an AirSculpt Florida procedure varies depending on the patient’s body size and desired results. Recovery time will vary by procedure and will depend on the specifics of each procedure. Following the procedure, the patient is covered with dry gauze to avoid infection. After a week, they can return to normal activities. Patients can expect to see visible changes in their waistline and stomach areas after the procedure.


The MSAs for AirSculpt Florida are designed to be less invasive than traditional surgeries. A small incision, no wider than a freckle, allows the surgeon to remove fat with ease. Patients heal with a tiny scar that is similar to a freckle. Depending on the size of the fat mass, the procedure may require multiple sessions. Some patients may be candidates for more than one MSA.

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