Airsculpt Cost – Liposuction Versus AirSculpt

The procedure itself is quite expensive, but the benefits far outweigh the price. While the procedure does not have as dramatic of a result as liposuction, it is considerably safer. In addition to using a cannula, the physician implementing the procedure takes special care to not disturb any other tissues. Blood vessels, capillaries, and lymphatics are also carefully monitored to ensure minimal damage. If you are considering getting the procedure, read on for more information on the AirSculpt process.


The Airsculpt cost of liposuction is comparable to traditional procedures. During the procedure, a surgeon will make a small incision in your skin, infused with a numbing solution and air. During some procedures, drugs are administered to relax the patient. A small tube is then inserted to remove the fat. Some procedures will require general anaesthesia. The recovery time from AirSculpt is less than that of traditional liposuction.

The cost of an Airsculpt liposuction procedure depends on the amount of fat that you want to remove. Depending on the area, you can expect the procedure to cost anywhere from $5000 to 5000 dollars. While the results of the procedure are dramatic, they are not as dramatic as those of traditional liposuction. The recovery time is significantly shorter, and there are fewer complications. Neither procedure is a replacement for healthy eating habits and exercise. However, if you’re seriously considering either procedure, consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.


Radio-Frequency (RF) energy is used to gently heat the skin and subcutaneous fat layer, removing the unwanted fat and tightening skin. Liposuction is another procedure that targets the fat cells below the surface of the skin. This dual body contouring effect can be achieved with minimally invasive techniques, and is an excellent choice for people who want to get rid of stubborn fat and skin. The procedure requires only small incisions and no downtime.

The typical BodyTite airsculpt cost is $5,000, but the price can vary depending on the size of the area being treated. The procedure is very comfortable for patients, resulting in a reduced risk of bruising and reducing post-operative pain. Most patients can return to work the next day. The process requires compression garments for the first two weeks. The duration of the procedure will depend on the areas to be treated, and the amount of fat that needs to be removed.


CoolSculpting costs vary widely. Because it is an aesthetic procedure, your insurer will not cover it. You will likely need to pay for the procedure out-of-pocket, but there are ways to minimize the costs. The most promising way to lower your CoolSculpting costs is to negotiate with your provider. You can ask about discount options and payment plans. Some providers may offer special promotional coupons for new clients. Others may offer financing plans with no interest.

The price of CoolSculpting will vary depending on the number of treatment cycles needed to remove the fat. Depending on the region and the amount of fat that needs to be removed, a single treatment cycle may be enough to get rid of the problem area. But for larger areas, such as the inner or outer thighs, you may require multiple sessions. The cost of CoolSculpting is generally comparable to other noninvasive fat reduction procedures, such as Vanquish or Emsculpt Neo. You may want to consider the cost of individual sessions or a full series to see the most dramatic results.

Recovery time

Although marketed as a minimally invasive and nonsurgical procedure, AirSculpt is actually a surgical procedure that requires tiny holes in the skin. The procedure is traumatic to the body because it removes fat directly, rather than breaking fat cell bonds. While the procedure leaves no visible scars, it does leave behind soft tissue damage, and recovery time can be longer than one lunch hour. Recovery time for this procedure is approximately two weeks, but it may take a few days longer for some people.

The recovery time for AirSculpt is typically 24 to 48 hours. Depending on the procedure and individual results, patients can expect some bruising and swelling. Recovery time for CoolSculpting is almost zero. Patients can usually return to work the same day. Although the procedure costs approximately $10,000, the average cost is closer to $4,000 than the $10,000 that some patients have paid for it. Recovery time will vary for each patient. To determine if AirSculpt is right for you, contact a plastic surgeon near you.


You can pay $2500 for an airsculpt procedure, or upwards of $15,000 depending on the doctor’s fees and location. The cost of AirSculpt will be reported as a difference between beginning inventories and ending inventories for tangible products. This metric will reflect the company’s costs associated with production and sales. However, before you commit to this procedure, it is important to understand exactly what to expect. Read on to learn more about how airsculpt costs are calculated.

The procedure itself is similar to traditional liposuction, with the exception that it doesn’t require general anesthesia, and has fewer risks than liposuction. It does, however, cost considerably more than other liposuction procedures. A board-certified plastic surgeon will perform the procedure, and his or her fee will vary. A more experienced surgeon will provide better results. Aside from his or her experience, AirSculpt is also less expensive than other methods, such as CoolSculpting Elite and HIFU.

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